What is depression?

Is depression common in children & adolescents?

What are the symptoms of depression?

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How is depression diagnosed?

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What are the symptoms of depression?

The symptoms of depression can vary with age. It can also vary with child’s level of cognitive and social developments. The study of depression in pre-school age and infants are limited; therefore, the existence of syndromes manifested in very young children is unclear. Depressive disorders may also be accompanied psychotic symptoms. In minors, psychotic symptoms are usually manifested by a feeling of sinfulness, guilt, or failure. Furthermore, symptoms of depression can also be similar with other problems in children. For this reason, accurate diagnosis is important to successfully eradicate the illness.

Below are sample tables showing the psychopathological symptoms and somatic symptoms modified by Mehler-Wex & Kölch (2008).

Age dependent signs of depression
Psychopathological Symptoms
Somatic Symptoms