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In Finland medicines are sold only at pharmacies. Pharmacies are open during normal working hours, but every town has one pharmacy that is open late. Yliopiston Apteekki, well-known chain pharmacies in Finland stay open for extended hours as well as on Sundays.

You can buy your medications from the pharmacies when you need. Prescription letter is needed almost in all cases by the pharmacy, but it is also possible to buy certain basic medications such as pain killers without prescription.

Pharmacies have a right to offer patients cheaper medicines if they are available, those medicines must contain the same ingredients as the medication prescribed by the doctor.

The Finnish National Insurance (KELA) pays part of the cost of the medicine prescribed by the doctor. Remember to have your KELA- card with you when buying medications from the pharmacy.

Safe handling of medications is very important, so storing medication in a place where children cannot reach is important. Buy your medication in advance and keep necessary medications in your house.

Never use expired or someone else’s medication because it is very dangerous to use. All un-used medications, empty medicine bottles, and empty cream tubes must be returned to the pharmacy.