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Visiting the nurse
Nurses take care a lot of things here in Finland, however if your illness requires a doctor nurses arrange doctor’s appointment for you. Nurses and public health nurses have a permission to write patients short sick-leave certificates not more than 3 days and they have a Phone Hour normally between 12-13. Patients call the nurse and ask health counseling.

You can book an appointment for visiting nurse, but it does not need to queue.

Nurse’s visit includes for example:

  • Guidance and control for diabetes, hypertension & asthma
  • Wound care & removing stitches
  • Performing ear rinsing (2 years and above)
  • Taking different measurements such as; blood pressure, blood sugar, Hemoglobin level, weight, and height.
  • Losing weight/slimming, weight control, diet and lifestyle change.
  • Giving vaccinations & medications, contraceptive bills and birth management.
  • Giving general health care guidelines, suggestions, prevention plan and control of diseases.