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Maternity clinic
Pregnant mothers visit maternity clinics during their whole pregnancy processes. New mothers get 13-17 visits, while other mothers who have already had a baby visit 9-13 times. Mothers are taken care by public health nurse.

During the visits mother’s health and the health of the fetus are monitored. Mothers will have different laboratory and abdominal tests. Blood samples, urine samples, blood pressure measurement and listening fetal heart beat are all common.

Prenatal tests include; Sexually transmitted diseases test (STDs), Pap smear, urine test, gestational diabetes test, anemia and genetic disorder tests. Tests are done to ensure the well-being of the mother and fetus and also the normal growth of the fetus.

The aim is to prevent problems such as miss-carriage, sudden weight gain and genetic disorder diseases.

Pregnant woman gains normally 10-15 kg during pregnancy. Nurse measures the size of the uterus, checks the baby position and listens the heart of the fetus.

All screenings are safe to both mothers and fetus. However, if the pregnancy causes problems, the public health nurse sends the mother immediately to special care and even psychologists are booked if needed.

Maternity card should be always with you

If the mother has a permanent residence permit in Finland, she has right to get a Maternity Grant, which is either cash benefit or a maternity package. Maternity pack contains baby clothes and baby care