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Laboratory normally locates in the same building as your health care center. Patients always need doctors or other health personnel’s referral to tests. In the laboratory different samples are taken and examined. Laboratories can be visited at any time without having any appointment.

Patients need to book an appointment to have special examinations such as chest x-ray, ECG and CT-scan, but it does not need to wait long. Remember to have your KELA-card with you.

Laboratory tests include: blood samples, urine & stool samples. In the laboratory, patients need to take a queue-number and wait for their turns. Nurses will not take any patient without a queue or turn number.

The lab-technician may take several tubes of blood, so be calm and don’t think that all your blood has been drawn.

Clients are given sampling jars and tubes to home for specimens of urine and feces. Mark all samples well by writing full-name, social security number and date before returning to the laboratory. In some cases the time you have collected the specimen is also needed.