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A study has been shown that whether or not women continued heavy exercising after second trimester, it did not affect to spontaneous delivery time.

  • Meaning is not to improve but to maintain fitness.
  • The instructor of exercise class should always be notified about a possible pregnancy.
  • Videos can be watched how to actually do some 2nd and 3rd trimester's exercise moves.

Benefits of Exercise

  • Improves the body's use of oxygen and circulation to the fetus
  • Prevents circulation and vein problems
  • Increases muscle strength and tone
  • Makes blood sugar control easier
  • Improves sleep, overall well-being, and confidence
  • Burns extra calories to avoid excess weight gain

Comfortable clothing makes exercise more fun and safe!

  • Loose and comfortable clothing
  • Correct shoes
  • Sport bras


  • Liquids need to be drank before, during, and after exercise and always when sweating
    1. Before about 0.5 liters
    2. During about 2.5 deciliters every 20 minutes.

1st trimester | 2nd trimester | 3rd trimester | Videos

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