The aim of the webpage is to give more knowledge to people about the safety and importance of exercise during the three trimesters of pregnancy. Videos are included to make it easier to understand the moves.

Exercise is an important aspect in everyday life. Especially during pregnancy, exercise should never be forgotten unless there are specific contraindications for it. Everyone should remember that pregnancy is not an obstacle for exercising. General knowledge for exercising is lacking for pregnant women. There are not enough studies and sometimes the researchers have not done the work objectively. It has been stated that exercise does indeed improve fitness and heightens one's spirits, helps to survive the physical exertion that is caused by pregnancy, fastens postpartum recovery, and decreases the risk of pregnancy related diseases. However, people should keep in mind that physical activity should not be continued as vigorously as before.

Attitudes and social pressure has a major effect on women during pregnancy. There might be bad attitudes against exercise because many think that it has negative effects on the fetus or that after exercise there is no time for rest anymore, which is also important during pregnancy. Gestational diabetes mellitus, preeclampsia, and excess maternal weight gain concern many gravids. For every individual, there should be a specific exercise regimen conducted. Obstetricians' opinions and given recommendations for pregnant women vary a lot. Partly this can be due to lack of updating knowledge or how conservative the obstetricians are in which again age can affect.

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