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Visiting the doctor
In Finland every resident has his/her own doctor according to residential address. At the doctor’s appointment, acute and chronic illnesses and also women’s illnesses are examined alleviated and cured.

Before going to doctor’s visit, you have to book appointment in advance, except in cases the disease is vital. Be in time at the doctor’s appointment.

Don’t be late because doctor’s time is limited. If you cannot come for the appointment, remember to cancel it. Un-cancelled appointments are chargeable to 28 to 33 Euros penalty.

Tell your problems to the doctor and book a translator in advance if you have a language problem. Doctor may ask you several questions including your medical history. Be calm and answer all those questions. Normally, doctor checks and listens your chest and heart during the visit. (You have to take your upper clothes off while doctor is listening). When necessary the doctor sends you to the laboratory for blood or urine tests. At the end of the visit, doctor may prescribe medications for you and may give you sick-leave certificate if needed.

Medications are bought from the Pharmacy with doctor’s prescription and your KELA-card (Insurance Card). Doctors send patients to specialists if needed.

Doctor also writes medical certificates and long sick-leave certificates and you may get referrals to laboratories, hospitals and specialists.

  • Book your appointment in advance
  • Remember to cancel
  • Be prepared with translator