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Dental care
All people have a right to get dental care from their municipalities. Dental care can be public or private. KELA pays compensations of the dental care visits and medication. The compensation is about 40%.

Municipalities arrange enhanced preventive free of charge dental care for children and young people. In addition to that municipalities are responsible for the dental care of the primary school, high school and vocational school students.

Visiting the dentist needs appointment from the dental clinic of your nearest health care center. If you need a normal dental appointment just call your health care center and book a time.

People wait dental care appointments for a long time because of the population. However, children, veterans and disabled people normally get dental care from their residential area whereas adults can seek care from different places where they can have shorter queues.

On-duty dental centers are only for urgent and emergency situations. If you have sudden pain cases, swelling or accident you can contact the on-call dental centers immediately.