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Health care center
First place to contact when you are ill

When you get sick or injured, you can contact your health care center by phone before visiting. The nurse on duty answers the phone and asks you questions and then guide you to right place for care.

According to nurse’s evaluation you get:

  • Guidelines for your problem, if the nurse sees that you may not need to visit the health care center.
  • A time for the nurse; if you have a mild problem or injury as well as if you need sick-leave certificate.
  • A time for the doctor, if you are having a serious condition or injury.
  • A phone-call by doctor or nurse.

If you need an urgent help, you can go straight to the health care center without booking time or calling in advance. Since health care centers are closed in the evenings, on weekends as well as on holidays, patients should contact to on-call/on-duty hospitals for all emergency illnesses and accidents.

Health care center:

Opening hours:
Mon-Thur 8-16 Fri 8-14/15

Locates your residential area

Closed on evenings, weekends and holidays.