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Emergency number 112
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Emergency number 112
In Finland there is only one emergency number which is 112. You can call the emergency number free of charge from any phone even if your phone has no credit. Both Finnish and non-Finnish citizens get help from police, rescue team, ambulance and social services by dialing the emergency number.

Calling to 112

  • Call 112 when life, health, property or environment is in danger
  • When you are witnessing a crime or reporting a crime being committed
  • If you are calling an ambulance for emergency medical help
  • When reporting a fire, traffic accident or property being broken

During the call the 112 operator will ask questions to find out what and where the emergency is. Tell your name, the exact place/address and what has happened in short. Keep calm and answer all the questions. Follow the instruction given by the operator and try to stay on the phone with the operator until you are informed to cut the phone. The operator evaluates the problem, alerts the appropriate unit(s) and advices the caller how to proceed.

You should not call 112 for non-urgent matters such as driving license information or vehicle regulations. Do not call to ask directions, information about public services or finding out someone in jail. Avoid giving mobile to children and teach the family members how to call 112. Calling 112 for the wrong reason my keep someone else from getting the help he/she needs.